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StormBrixx® HD

StormBrixx® HD is ACO’s heavy duty plastic geocellular surface water management system. It consists of a single, recyclable, polypropylene body that can be assembled in a variety of ways to form an open bonded structure.

StormBrixx SD Recommended Installation Depths
StormBrixx HD Features Diagram
1.4.5 Half bodies per cubic metre
2.Functional design combined with an intelligent snap-lock system make for easy handling and rapid installation
3.High void ratio of 97% of total volume available for storage
4.Height of 1 layer: 24” (610mm)
5.Min. cover depth (see image above):
19.7” (0.5m)
6.StormBrixx® units can be cut in half to allow integration into the overall system
7.The open structure of StormBrixx® allows inspection cameras and cleaning devices to have free passage through the system

StormBrixx® HD parts list

StormBrixx® HD tank half body
StormBrixx® HD side panels
StormBrixx® HD top cover (set of 4)
StormBrixx® HD layer connectors
StormBrixx® HD access chamber
StormBrixx® accessories
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